Featured artists
LAURA AMAZZONE Ancient and contemporary rituals to empower, guide, and transform.
MICHELINE BERRY A fusion of Yoga+Art to empower our authentic creative presence.
MARCUS MARIA JUNG The beauty, inspiration and healing power of nature.
ROBERT STURMAN Stunning portraits that capture the beauty and poetry of asana.
kate duyn cariati The power and magic of hand mudras for adults and kids.
LICI DENNING It's all about love and the many ways to express it.
BRANDON DENNING Bold, authentic and full of heart.
Chani Nicholas Coming soon.
Featured PRODUCTS "From the heart to the soul."
CARDS: $ 3.50 - $5
Chuck & MIm gives back

Every artist in Chuck & Mim Design gives 1% of the proceeds from the sale of their cards to a charity of their choice. We are supporting women's rights, animal rights, anti-slavery, redwoods conservation, ocean conservation, native California wildlife and youth mentorship and education programs in Los Angeles.

Chuck & Mim joined 1% to the planet to make our contributions have a bigger impact.

In addition, we are featuring a special greeting card as a tribute to Kam Kamersche, who passed away earlier this year of a disease "that affects millions, but is invisible to most." 100% of the proceeds will go to the Didi Hirsch Mental Health Agency in Los Angeles.

FLOWES FOR KAM 100% of the proceeds benefit
Didi HIrsch Mental Health Agency in LA
didihirsch.org created locally, inspired globally

Chuck & Mim products are designed and printed with love in LA. Based in Santa Monica, California, all the artists in the initial group are from Los Angeles and we print in Culver City. Our roots are local our outlook is global and universal.

Each of the artists in Chuck & Mim brings years of dedicated practice which has taken them all over the world. From the Malibu hills to the Kathmandu Valley, inspiration abounds and is waiting to be expressed and shared with you in ways that speak to the One love that unites us all.

Our cards are made from the heart to the soul. We hope you find them beautiful, inspiring and useful.