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We tend to remember moments rather than the whole event. Moments build our relationships and color the experiences that shape us.   Our wish is to help parents, teachers and caregivers create moments that empower kids and make them feel loved and supported. Our products provide simple practical tools to create and record memories, specially during holidays when  expectations can run high. Our blog will compliment our products offering information and resources focusing on kids' social and emotional needs.

Our first collection celebrates Halloween and is dedicated to everyone who loves Halloween day and to those for whom this is the season to stock up for the whole year.  We get it.  Halloween is not a holiday, it's a way of life.  My daughter, Alexandra, falls in that category.  

I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. In my day job, I am a Director of presentations for a large high technology company supporting Global Marketing.  As a freelance designer, I have supported schools and non-profits focusing on helping kids and adults with learning and emotional disabilities.   Alexandra will be providing content for our blog.   Whether it is a yummy recipe or a fun activity, our focus will always be in providing healthy, conscious choices. Vira, the black kitty in many of our designs, is inspired by my grand cat Elvira.  My daughter named her in honor of The Mistress of the Dark.  Elvira loves to loaf on my desk and supervise my work, specially anything spooky.  I get plenty of inspiration for Halloween from her.  That's probably why I'm launching Chuck & Mim in October with a countdown to Halloween.  Truly, Elvira can't wait.

We hope Chuck & Mim becomes a place where you find useful tools and resources that help you create beautiful moments that are treasured forever.