Printable Halloween Mood Board

Printable Halloween Mood Board


Many adults and kids have mixed feelings about the holidays.  Love the holiday, but could dow away with the anxiety and overwhelm that  these days can bring.  Nobody wants the holidays to be drama-filled with tons of extra work and not enough joy.   This mood chart helps bring awareness to feelings and name them.  There is a notes section where you can write strategies to deal with the day’s emotions.   Kids will feel loved and supported.

Print one page per day or laminate one page and start fresh each day.  

Download includes 1 high quality print PDF file with these 4 pages:

Page 1: Mood chart letter size color
Page 2: Mood chart letter size black and white
Page 3: Mood chart A4 color
Page 4: Mood chart A4 black and white

For best printing results, choose 'scale to fit' in your printer settings.

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Illustrations by Ela Pela and Mattas Bestos
Design by Lici Denning
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